2017 Author Lecture Series

Over the Edge: Fred Harvey at the Grand Canyon
Kathleen L. Howard and Diana F. Pardue 
Saturday, January 21, 2 pm
Authors Kathleen L. Howard and Diana F. Pardue (Curator of Collections at the Heard Museum) present Over the Edge: Fred Harvey at the Grand Canyon and in the Great Southwest. Visually enticing and drawing from a vast collection of ephemera, the book reveals in vivid detail how Harvey and the Santa Fe Railroad created a vision of the Southwest that still works its magic today.

Meteor Crater
Neal F. Davis 
Saturday, February 18, 2 pm
Explore the history of Meteor Crater’s founding and the people behind this famous landmark. From geologists, astrophysicists, and astronauts, to local ranchers and families, author Neal F. Davis will discuss how these individuals shaped the Crater and continue to preserve its scientific integrity for future generations.

Where Dinosaurs Roamed
Christa Sadler, Springs Stewardship Institute 
Saturday, March 4, 2 pm
Join geologist and naturalist Christa Sadler as she brings to life the creatures and ecosystems of southern Utah during the Late Cretaceous period and the lessons this world can teach us about our future.

Where the Wind Dreams of Staying
Eric Dieterle
Saturday, April 15, 2 pm
This powerful memoir captures the emotional storms of a boy, and then a man, who seeks meaning in a place, or a place with meaning. In a series of interwoven essays, readers will find rich, detailed explorations of western landscapes, balanced with stories of personal reflection, determination, doubt, and fulfillment. Ultimately a story of resilience, Where the Wind Dreams of Staying is a lyrical tribute to the richly varied landscapes and lifestyles of the inland West.