29th Annual Zuni Festival of Arts & Culture

May 25 & 26, 2019
Share in the artistry and cultural traditions of more than 50 Zuni artists. Buy traditional and contemporary art, enjoy insightful lectures, and delight in musical and dance performances.

2019 Festival Information

Join the Museum for a fun-filled celebration of Zuni art and culture. Learn about ancestral foods and gardening techniques. Interact with artists as they demonstrate their techniques and then purchase traditional and contemporary art. Visit the vast and beautiful Museum campus, including the Easton Collection Center, gardens, and some research labs. Delight in musical and dance performances by the Zuni Olla Maidens and Cellicion.

In partnership with the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center.

Member Preview: Friday, May 24, 2019, 5:00 pm, BBQ with the Artists, Award ceremony 5:45 pm, Booths open for sales 6:00 pm.
Festival: Saturday & Sunday, May 25 & 26, 2019, 9 am-5 pm

Weekend Pass: $18 adult, $12 youth/student/American Indian
Daily Admission: $12 adult; $8 youth (10-17), student (with ID), and American Indian (with tribal card)
Free for Museum members & children 9 & under

Schedule (subject to change)

9:15 am Saturday Flag Raising and Opening Ceremony

Branigar Chase Auditorium - Saturday and Sunday
10:00 am:
Olla Maidens dance performance
11:00 am: Waffle Gardening 101 presentation
12:00 pm: Cellicion traditional dancers
1:00 pm: Dancing for the Future presentation
2:00 pm: Zuni Ancestral Foods presentation

Courtyard Performances - Saturday & Sunday
11:30 am: Cellicion
1:30 pm: Olla Maidens DIY
2:45 pm: Cellicion

Easton Collection Center Open House
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Saturday & Sunday

10:00 am Saturday: Learn about medicinal plants of the southwest with Mike Masek, is the director and primary instructor at The Foragers Path School of Botanical Studies in Flagstaff. Masek will speak in the new garden planted in honor of herbalist Michael Moore.

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Saturday and Sunday: Zuni Waffle Gardening Demonstration in the Colton Community Gardens with Curtis Quam

Heritage Insights Lecture Series (Saturday & Sunday in Branigar Chase Auditorium)
Supported by the Arizona Humanities

11:00 am: Zuni Waffle Garden with Curtis Quam
Cultural educator Curtis Quam will demonstrate Zuni waffle garden techniques. This two-part presentation will foster understanding for traditional Zuni farming practices and the importance of preserving these techniques for future generations.

1:00 pm: Dancing for the Future with Juanita Edaakie
Juanita Edaakie, Zuni tribal member and leader/narrator of the Zuni Olla Maidens dance group, will discuss the history and significance of the songs and dances performed by the Olla Maidens. In this two-part lecture, Edaakie will examine how the Maiden’s use the songs and dances passed down from generation to generation to help current and future generations of Zuni people to build strong ties to their culture and ancestry.

2:00 pm: Zuni Ancestral Foods with Elroy Natachu, Jr & Kandis Quam.
In this two-part series, artists and cultural consultants Elroy Natachu and Kandis Quam will discuss the importance of oral history in the cultural preservation of traditional Zuni recipes and will share a few recipes enjoyed by generations of Zuni.


Activities for Kids

Crafts all day: Sunface bola, butterfly, and drum

A Dragon Fly's Tale puppet show: 11:00 am and 12:45 pm daily

Food Vendors: Sunny Concession

4:45 pm Sunday: Closing Ceremony

Participating Artists(2019)

Merlinda Chavez (Beadwork)

Aric Chopito (Textiles)

Andrew Chopito (Textiles)

Aiden Chopito (Textiles)

Phyllis Coonsis (Jewelry)

Timothy Edaakie (Pottery/Jewelry)

M Dale Edaakie (Jewelry)

Keith Edaakie (Fine Arts)

Raylan Edaakie (Jewelry)

Patty Edaakie (Jewelry)

Clive Hustito (Carving)

Jonas Hustito (Carving)

Keli'i Kaleihua Eli (Carving)

Jessie Johnson (Jewelry)

Carlos Laate (Pottery)Lawrence Laate (Jewelry)

Yolanda Laate (Jewelry)

Pamela Lasiloo (Jewelry)

Christie Latone (Jewelry)

Zorina Laweka (Weaver)

Christopher Lewis (Weaver)

Levon Loncassion (Jewelry, Fine Arts)

Darla Lonasee (Pottery)

Patricia Lonasee (Jewelry)

Reynold Lunasee (Carvings)

Georgette Lunasee (Carvings)

Cameron Nastacio (Fetish Carvings)

Elroy Natachu (Fine Art)

Matthew Neha (Beadwork)

Clarence Pedro (Carver)

Anderson Jamie Peynestsa (Pottery)

Marchelle Qualo (Jewelry)

Andrew Quam (Carving/Jewelry)

Eldred Quam (Carvings)

Kandis Quam (Fine Art)

Lynn Quam (Carvings)

Marilyn Quam (Carvings)

Georgette Quam Lunasee (Carvings)

Mallery Quetawki (Jewelry/Fine art)

Farlan Quetawki (Beadwork)

Charlotte Seoutewa (Jewelry)

Eldrick Seoutewa (Jewelry)

Roxanne Seoutewa (Jewelry)

Lorandina Sheche (Carver)

Margia Simplicio (Folk Art)

Lena Tsethlikia (Jewelry)

Gaylon Westika (Pottery)

Todd Westika (Carving)