Archaeological and Cultural Resource Research

Excavation Mapping

MNA and NPS archaeologists excavating a kiva in the Grand Canyon. Photo by Dawn Kish.

Archaeological and Cultural Resource Research

MNA’s team of experienced researchers undertakes studies of archaeological and cultural resources on the Colorado Plateau.

Ethnographic Study at Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site

This ongoing ethnographic study focuses on interviewing Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni individuals who interacted at Hubbell Trading Post during the years just before and just after it was acquired by the National Park Service. These elderly individuals provide a living legacy of the cultural diversity and economic importance of the trading post on the reservation in the past century. The research will allow NPS to incorporate personal voices and experiences into exhibits about the trading post history.

Wupatki National Monument Rock Art Documentation
MNA archaeologists will partner with NPS crews to document 53 rock art panels at Wupatki National Monument. The detailed descriptive and photographic documentation will record the current condition of the images and provide NPS managers with baseline data that can be used to monitor future impacts to this important site. Consultation with tribal elders will provide information that can help visitors understand the significance of the images to modern tribes.

Grand Archaeology

The recently completed Grand Archaeology project was an excavation of nine sites along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Conducted in partnership with archaeologists from Grand Canyon National Park, this project enhanced understanding of ancient people and cultures that lived and traveled in the depths of the Grand Canyon.

Mapping Antelope House project

The ongoing Antelope House project is a cooperative endeavor between MNA and the National Park Service's Flagstaff Area National Monuments unit and is focused on remapping and architectural documentation of the site located at Wupatki National Monument.  One of the project's goals is to produce updated information for ranger-led hikes to the site.

Canyon de Chelly Historic Trails project

The recently completed Canyon de Chelly Historic Trails project is a cooperative endeavor between MNA and the National Park Service's Southern Four Corners Group and was focused on mapping, photography, and documentation of historic trails at Canyon de Chelly National Monument.