Hopi Iconography Resources

Anthropologists have studied the Hopi more than just about any other tribe. For nearly 3000 items published prior to 1977, see: Laird, David W., 1997 Hopi Bibliography: Comprehensive and Annotated. University of Arizona Press.

Much of what anthropologists, artists, historians, and other writers have published over the last century and a half is inaccurate. Most reflects various author biases and preconceptions. Here we recommend a few published and online resources that we think are most reliable. Click on each category to view a list of resources.

Published Resources

The Hopi World

Hopi Lives: Biographies and Hopi Narratives

The Knowledge of Edmund Nequatewa

Farming and Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Southwest

Pueblo Pottery, Painting, Weaving, and Material Culture

Additional MNA Plateau Publications

Footprints of the Ancestors

Flowery Worlds

Pueblo Neighbors and Relatives


Online Resources

The Hopi Tribe

Hopi Cultural Preservation Office

Hopi Footprints Project: Building Better Teachers With a Community-Based Culture Curriculum

Ferguson, T.J., Kurt Donogoske, Mike Yeatts, and Leigh Jenkins

Working Together: Hopi Oral History and Archaeology, Part I: The Consultation Process. Part II: The Role of Archaeology Society for American Archaeology Bulletin March/April/May 1995 13(2)

Kuwanwisiwma, Leigh J., and T.J. Ferguson, 2004 Ang Kuktota: Hopi Ancestral Sites and Cultural Landscapes. Expedition 46(2):24-29

Arizona State Museum:

The Pottery Project
The Nampeyo Showcase

Southwest Crossroads: Cultures and Histories of the American Southwest.