Past Exhibitions 2005-2012

Recent Fine Art exhibitions at MNA have featured prominent contemporary and historic artists of the Southwest.


February: Shadows on the Mesa: Artists of the Painted Desert and Beyond

June: Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton: Artist and Advocate in Early Arizona

November: Arizona’s Pioneering Women Artists


February: A:Shiwi A:wan Ulohnanne: The Zuni World

June: Full Measure: The Artistic Legacy of Bruce Aiken

November: Photographic Journey: Three Visions by Rick Braveheart, Jim Knipe, Prescott Lewis


March: Walking in Harmony: The Life and Work of Lomawywesa by Michael Kabotie

June: Paintings of the New West by Ed Mell

September: Dreams : Realizations : Contemplations : Fantasies by Jake Brookins

November: Peripheral Vision by David Politzer and Bremner Bendict


June: Natural Languages: The Art of  Judy Tuwaletstiwa

November: Gunnar Widforss: Painter of the National Parks


March: Grand Canyon Grandeur

June: Interior Views of the American West: A Fifty Year Retrospective by Merrill Mahaffey

July: Fine Arts Exhibition at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

November: Painted Journeys on the Colorado Plateau by Judy Abbott, K.L. McKenna and Eva van Rijn


June: Elemental Forms: The Art of Dan and Arlo Namingha; Lasting Light: Grand Canyon Photography


March: Land In Light: The West of George Elbert Burr

June: Timeless Excellence: Honoring MNA’s Fine Arts Collection; Everett Ruess and the Search for Beauty block prints by Everett Ruess


June: A Sacred Life by Hopi artists

July: Walking in Beauty by Navajo artists

September: Passionate Vision: Joella Jean Mahoney, a Fifty Year Retrospective