Bookstore Events

Bookstore events occur year-round and include lectures by celebrated local and regional authors, book signings, and more.


Comic Book Reading & Signing: Dale Deforest author of Hero Twins
Saturday, April 21, 2 pm
Dale Deforest will share his comic book Hero Twins. A book signing will follow the event. Book Description from the publisher Native Realties’ website: The Hero Twins have long held an important place in the stories of the Navajo people of the southwest. As protectors of the People, their deeds and adventures have filled the imagination of Navajo children for millennia. This story begins in 1860 as a calvary unit is sent to investigate a threat. While a winter storm rages around the unit, a mysterious officer makes a world-changing discovery. Meanwhile, banished from the spirit realm, Changing Woman must find a way to protect her newborn children so they may fulfill their destiny and bring light to the world. Written and illustrated by Dale Deforest (Navajo), this modern interpretation of the Hero Twins is sure to delight and inspire.


Lecture from Wayne Ranney, author of Ancient Landscapes of Western North America
Saturday, February 24, 2 pm
Join Wayne Ranney for an informative lecture and book signing. Allow yourself to be taken back into deep geologic time when strange creatures roamed the Earth and Western North America looked completely unlike the modern landscape. Volcanic islands stretched from Mexico to Alaska, most of the Pacific Rim didn’t exist yet, at least not as widespread dry land; terranes drifted from across the Pacific to dock on Western Americas’ shores creating mountains and more volcanic activity. Landscapes were transposed north or south by thousands of kilometers along huge fault systems. Follow these events through paleogeographic maps that look like satellite views of ancient Earth. Accompanying text takes the reader into the science behind these maps and the geologic history that they portray. The maps and text unfold the complex geologic history of the region as never seen before.