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Easton Collection Center

Easton Collection Center (ECC) home to the MNA Archives.

Rock Art Studies: A Bibliographic Database

The Rock Art Studies project is a searchable bibliographic database of the World's rock art literature and contains 35,000 citations as of spring 2017. The RAS database was hosted as a joint project between the Bancroft Library (University of California - Berkeley) and the Bay Area Rock Art Research Association (BARARA) from 2003 - 2016. In fall of 2016, BARARA affiliated with the Museum of Northern Arizona to continue the free and open access to the RAS database project.


The Harold S. Colton Memorial Library

The Library began with the donation of Harold S. and Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton's personal library. As the collection grew, the library found a home in the Harold Colton Research Center Building, built in 1954.

Please be advised that the Library is currently closed to the public.

We are pleased to announce that the Library is open for scheduled research appointments. Please allow 30-days notice prior to your intended visit.

The Museum of Northern Arizona Archives

The Archives moved into the Easton Collections Center (ECC) starting in 2008, and completed the move in Fall 2016. The Archives supports the Museum of Northern Arizona's mission to collect and disseminate information on the land and peoples of the Colorado Plateau. The Archives includes 300 manuscripts, 284,000 images (including; photographs, digital images, negatives), films, audio recordings, and institutional records. The Archives is accessible by appointment only. 30-days advance notice is required for all researchers regardless of affiliation.

Descriptions of the archival collections can be found on the Guide to Archival Research at the Museum of Northern Arizona page.

Please see the Policies and Access page for guidance on how to conduct research, volunteer, intern, donate, and other policies guiding the library and archives.