The mission of the Museum of Northern Arizona Gunnar Widforss Institute is to promote the study of works by Swedish-American painter Gunnar Widforss and to disseminate knowledge of his life and work for a global audience.

The purposes of the Museum of Northern Arizona Gunnar Widforss Institute include:

  1. To facilitate the work of researchers and members of the public seeking to better understand the life, work, and contributions made by Gunnar Widforss to the artistic legacy of the National Parks and the West
  2. To publish and maintain the catalogue raisonné of Widforss’ works
  3. To archive materials and information pertaining to Widforss’ artwork, his life, his family, close friends, and his associates
  4. To establish relationships with Swedish institutions that may hold works by Widforss and/or have an interest in maintaining his legacy

The Gunnar Widforss Catalogue Raisonné is a comprehensive database of works created by Gunnar Mauritz Widforss. The catalogue currently consists of over 1,200 works.

Project director Alan Petersen is the Curator of Fine Arts at the Museum of Northern Arizona, in Flagstaff Arizona. In 2009 he curated the first comprehensive exhibition of Widforss' works in 40 years. Gunnar Widforss - Painter of the National Parks was on exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona from November 20, 2009 through June 1, 2010. Petersen has published articles and lectured on Widforss' life and career.

If you own or have owned a work by Gunnar Widforss, please fill out and submit the Artwork Registration Form.

Confidentiality and requests for anonymity will be honored.

Help fund publication of the Gunnar Widforss Catalogue Raisonné.

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