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  • Jeb Bevers says:

    Hi Elaine,

    I would like to contact the currenct curator for the paleontology collections. I worked quite a bit with Dave and Janet Gillette before they retired and wonder if Robert Brakenridge is your current curator in this area. I’ve worked on and developed a fair collection of Milk Creek materials which are held at Yavapai College. I’ve also examined as many of these collections in other museums in Arizona, New York, and California. Before I retire – in the next five years, I plan to shift most of the Yavapai College Milk Creek collections to the MNA. I did discuss this with Dave and Janet, but will need to do so with the new curator. Kathleen Franks, the geologist who is aware of my collections (much of it on Prescott National Forest) is aware of my intent on transferring most of the specimens to the MNA. Please have the current curator of paleontology get in touch with me. Thanks, Jeb Bevers

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