Upcoming Exhibitions

No ideas but in things wrote the poet William Carlos Williams in 1927, the year before the Museum opened. The thousands of “things” in the MNA collection provide an endless trove of ideas that we explore through exhibitions.  Each of the planned exhibitions tells a unique story of the region through art and objects from our collection. Frequently these exhibitions blend science and art.

Upcoming Exhibitions

The Grand Canyon “Dragon” Map

Geologist Wayne Ranney guest curates this exhibition about an iconic geology map published by MNA in 1976. The map presents a wealth of detailed information about Grand Canyon’s geology on a single page with such beauty that it is the best-selling geology map of all time. This exhibition explores the origin, heritage, and ongoing use of this iconic map.

Opens in May 2024

Poetry Maps

How do we understand where we are in a world that stretches far beyond our view? Maps provide the perspective we need to see beyond our own horizons or experiences. We have selected paintings from the museum collections that depict locations around the Colorado Plateau and invited the community to write short poems to go with the art. The original art and poetry will be on view in this exhibition, evoking this place and our relationship to it, through many perspectives.

Opens in November 2024

New Acquisitions

This exhibition will highlight a selection of additions to MNA’s collection acquired over the past few years. While some of the pieces are lovely and have clear potential to be used in exhibitions, other objects are valued because of their use for researchers. The exhibition will illuminate the various reasons MNA accepts objects and how those collections are used.

Opens in January 2025