Exhibitions 2000-2023


November: Watercolour Diaries from the Green River

September: Seeing People Through Trees

May: Mountain Lines- Poetry and Art on the Move

April: Designed to Move


April: Baje Whitethorne Sr.: Náátsʼíilid/Rainbow Light

May: The Great Unknown: Artists at Glen Canyon and Lake Powell

August: MNA Archaeologists in Glen Canyon

November: Vast Lands, Inner Visions: The Art of Joella Jean Mahoney


May: Footprints of the Past


March: Liberating Landscape

November: Journey to Balance


November: Searching for a Bigger Subject

October: The Force Is With Our People

June: Nine 4 Ninety: Artists for a New Era

April: DesertArt LAB: Ecologies of Resistance

March: In Retrospect: Growing Our Own Artists

October: Pivot: Skateboard Deck Art


November: Transcending Duality: The Santa Fe Studio Style

August: Photographs by George L. Beam and The Making of Arches National Monument

June: Tselani/Terrain: Tapestries of D.Y. Begay

May: Lyrical Lines

April: Voices for the Colorado Plateau

February: Confluence of Color: George Averbeck & Serena Supplee


Winter: Let it Snow

November: Winter Wreath Revelry

November: A New Form of Beauty: Glen Canyon Beyond Climate Change

September: Out of the Vault: Treasures Old & New

September: 26th Annual Trappings of the American West

August: Grand Canyon Uranium: Unseen/Scene

June: Tony Abeyta: Convergence

When We Were Young: The Legacy of MNA’s Junior Indian Art Show

Images on Stone: Petroglyphs of Wupatki National Monument

March: Four on the Floor: Audubon’s Quadrupeds


Fall: Recent Acquisitions – eleven Navajo textiles

November: Grand Muse: Art Inspired by Grand Canyon

October: 100 Dibujos de 100 Cosas (100 Drawings of 100 Things)

June: Curt Walters: A Retrospective

Happy Flagstaff

September: 25th Annual Trappings of the American West

May: Jr. Indian Art

March: Images on Stone

March: David Christiana: Portraits of Petrichor


Winter: Let it Snow

November: You Are On Indian Land

October: 24th Annual Trappings of the American West

June: Reconstructing the View – The Grand Canyon Photographs of Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe

June: Roundball Religion – Photographs by Joe Cornett

January: The Slide Fire Story – A Tribute to Oak Creek Canyon

May: Happy Flagstaff

March: Multiple Markets – Intercultural Influence in Classic and Late Classic Navajo Rugs

March: Echoes and Undercurrents – Works by David Dawangyumptewa and Debra Edgerton


November: Dialogue with Beauty – Scotty Mitchell Landscapes

September: Trappings of the American West

June: Shonto Begay – Map of My Heart

May: Brushstrokes on the Plateau – Highlights from the Museum’s Fine Art Collection

April: Hopi WeavingsContinuing Traditions and Inspiring Generations

February: Ulrike Arnold – Earth Art


November: Nampeyo :: Namingha – Tradition and Translation

October: Tinwork from the Historic Barth Hotel

September: Navajo Textiles from the Colton Collection

June: Tony Foster- Sacred Places: Watercolor Diaries from the American Southwest


November: Arizona’s Pioneering Women Artists

October: Discovery – The Exhibit

October: Good NeighborsFrances McAllister and the Museum of Northern Arizona

September: Mountain Lion!

June: Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton: Artist and Advocate in Early Arizona

June: Zuni Pottery – We are of this place, we are of the clay

March: Weather in Wool Weaving the Navajo Storm Pattern

February: Shadows on the Mesa: Artists of the Painted Desert and Beyond


February: A:Shiwi A:wan Ulohnanne: The Zuni World

June: Full Measure: The Artistic Legacy of Bruce Aiken

November: Photographic Journey: Three Visions by Rick Braveheart, Jim Knipe, Prescott Lewis

September: Grand Archaeology – Excavation and Discovery along the Colorado River

August: Warriors – Navajo Codetalkers

August: Images in Wool – Navajo Pictorials


December: A Dazzling Palette – The Introduction of Germantown Yarns into Navajo Weaving

November: Peripheral Vision by David Politzer and Bremner Bendict

September: Dreams : Realizations : Contemplations : Fantasies by Jake Brookins

September: Discovery – The Exhibit

August: Reflections of Place–Navajo Vegetal Dye Weaving Revivals

July: Hopi Footprints of the Ancestors

June: Paintings of the New West by Ed Mell

March: Walking in Harmony: The Life and Work of Lomawywesa by Michael Kabotie

February: Two Gray Hills Style

January: Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau


November: Gunnar Widforss: Painter of the National Parks

October: 20th Annual Trappings

August 2009: Contemporary Navajo Pottery–Ongoing Traditions and Emerging Styles

July: Knowing No Boundaries–Adaptation and Imagination in Navajo Weaving

June: Natural Languages – The Art of  Judy Tuwaletstiwa

May: Southwestern Native American Jewelry

January: I am the Grand Canyon–The Story of the Havasupai 


December: Painted Journeys on the Colorado Plateau

November: Painted Journeys on the Colorado Plateau by Judy Abbott, K.L. McKenna and Eva van Rijn

October: Express Yourself in Your Environment

October: 19th Annual Trappings

July: Fine Arts Exhibition at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

July: Our Fathers, Our Grandfathers, Our Heroes–The Navajo Codetalkers of WWII

June: Interior Views of the American West: A Fifty Year Retrospective by Merrill Mahaffey

June: Many Colored Weaves–Navajo Textiles from the Collection of the Museum of Northern Arizona 

March: Grand Canyon Grandeur –Early Paintings and Prints from the Abe Hays Collection

March: Grand Archaeology–New Excavations along the Colorado River


October: 18th Annual Trappings

September: Therizinosaur– Mystery of the Sickle-claw Dinosaur

June: Elemental Forms: The Art of Dan and Arlo Namingha;

May: Uniting Native Nations in Northern Arizona

February: Lasting Light: Grand Canyon Photography


December: Art of Science–One Scientist’s Perspective

November: Everett Ruess and the Search for Beauty block prints by Everett Ruess

October: 17th Annual Trappings

June: Timeless Excellence: Honoring MNA’s Fine Arts Collection

March: Land In Light: The West of George Elbert Burr

March: Fragile Antiquities–Commemorating 100 Years of the Antiquities Act

February: Native American Youth Art–NAYA


September: Passionate Vision: Joella Jean Mahoney, a Fifty Year Retrospective

June: Stories in Stone–Rock Art of Northern Arizona and the Colorado Plateau

June: A Sacred Life by Hopi artists

July: Walking in Beauty by Navajo artists


October: Caras y Mascaras–Faces and Masks

September: Arizona–A View from the Mountains


June: Plesiosaur–Terror of the Cretaceous Sea

October: Treasures of MNA–75 Years of Passion For Discovery


September: Space, Silence, Spirit–Maynard Dixon’s West


November: David Paladin: A Spiritual Life in Art

October: Hollywood’s Indians: Stereotypes and Prejudices

In the Shadow of the Volcano: The US 89 Archaeological Project


December: Artful Bounty: New Acquisitions to MNA Collections

November: Weaving Culture: Baskets from MNA Collections

June: Arizona Highways: Celebrating the Tradition

Exhibits 1960-1999