Visiting the Museum

What are the exhibit hours?
The Museum of Northern Arizona is open daily, 10 am to 5 pm.
See the Plan Your Visit page for details

What is happening at the museum?
See our calendar

How do I get to MNA?
MNA is located three miles north of downtown Flagstaff along State Highway 180. Highway 180 is also the San Francisco Peaks Scenic Road and a route to the Grand Canyon.

By Bus Located at stops 13 and 20 along Route 5 of the Mountain Line Bus Transit system.
By Foot & Bike Walk or ride along the Flagstaff Urban Trail System.

Map/Driving Directions

Where can I find a map of the MNA campus?
Please see our Campus page or download a Map with Building Numbers.

What is the price of admission?
General Admission $15.00

Native American (10 & Up) $10.00

Youth (10-17) $10.00

Free for Children 9 and under

Free for MNA Members

How can I arrange for a docent-led tour?

Fill out the Tour request form and email it to tours@musnaz.org

Click here for special tours

Educational Programs

Q. What are the current exhibitions?
A. Please visit our exhibitions page to view exhibit information.

Q.  When is the Heritage Festival?
A.  The 2024 Heritage Festival is June 22 & 23.

Please see the Heritage Festival page for details.

Q. What children’s programs are available?
A. MNA offers on-going activities for families and children, including summer Discovery Camps. Look at the Calendar and the Kids Activities page for more.

Q. How do I register for the Discovery Camps?
A. MNA members receive an email with links to register for Discovery Camps. If you’re not a member, you can register using the links on the Discovery Camp page.

Q. Where can I find the Ventures trip schedule?
A. Please visit our Travel page to see the list of available Ventures trips. Members are always given the first opportunity to sign up for trips.

Membership Questions

How do I join MNA?

You can join online, by phone (928) 774-5213, ext. 219, mail in a completed application form, or join at the Museum (visitor service desk or Museum shop). Find out more on our Membership page.

When will I receive my membership card?

It takes approximately five business days to process a new membership. Your membership card and welcome package will be sent to you soon after your membership is processed.

Will I receive anything else in my membership packet?

Your membership packet will contain a “Welcome” letter (includes applicable tax deduction information) and two membership cards (two names can be listed on the membership cards). You may receive additional benefits depending on the level of your membership. The membership cards provide access to the Museum, and a 10% discount on selected items in our gift shop and bookstore.

Can I redeem my MNA benefits before my permanent membership card arrives?

Yes, your membership is active the day you join MNA. If you join online, you will receive an email confirming your membership immediately. If you join during a visit to the Museum, you will be provided a temporary membership card valid for 30 days. You can also provide your name to a visitor service desk associate to enter the Museum.

What do I do if I misplace my membership card?

You can request a new card by contacting the Membership office at (928) 774-5213, ext. 219, or email membership@musnaz.org.

How can I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership online, at the Museum, mail in a completed application form, or by phone (928) 774-5213, ext. 219.

Will I be notified when it is time to renew my membership?

Yes, renewal notices are sent by mail about 90 days prior to the expiration date, allowing enough time for renewal without interruption. If you receive a renewal notice after you paid membership dues, the items probably crossed in the mail, and you can disregard the notice.

Is my membership payment tax-deductible?

Your contribution, less the fair market value of offered benefits, is tax deductible.

Can I lend my membership card to a friend or family member?

No, memberships are non-transferable and are valid only for the person or persons listed on the card.

What is the membership year?

Memberships are one year in length, start when your membership dues are processed, and end the last day of the month you submitted dues the year following.

What if I send in my membership dues after the expiration date?

Your membership will have lapsed and you will receive new membership cards in the mail reflecting your current active status. Your membership will be active for one year from the date your membership dues are processed.

How can I change my mailing and contact information?

You can change your mailing and contact information by emailing membership@musnaz.org with your name, old and new information, and MNA member number located on your membership card. You may also submit the changes by mail on the membership renewal application, or by phone (928) 774-5211, ext. 219.

Can I support MNA if I live outside the Northern Arizona area?

Yes. By becoming an MNA member, you help support MNA’s commitment to inspiring a sense of love and responsibility for the Colorado Plateau. You can also support this important mission by making a tax-deductible donation to the Museum of Northern Arizona.

How can I get the Plateau Magazine Publication?

MNA’s magazine, Plateau: The Land and People of the Colorado Plateau is for members at the Sunset Crater Colleague level ($100 and above) or can be purchased in the Museum Shop.

How do I upgrade my membership?

Contact the Membership office at (928) 774-5213, ext. 219 or via email with any questions regarding upgrading. MNA does not prorate any membership, so it is best to upgrade when you renew.

How do I give a gift of membership?

Memberships are a popular gift that keep giving all year. Gift memberships are available at any level and can be purchased  online, by phone (928) 774-5213, ext. 219, by mailing in a completed application form, or at the Museum (visitor service desk or Museum shop). Find out more on our Membership page

Helping at the Museum

Can I volunteer with the museum?

Individuals interested in volunteering can email msoliday@musnaz.org. Visit the Volunteer section of the Museum’s website to find out more.

How do I become a museum docent?

The docent training class is held every other year. It usually begins in the fall and runs for 18 weeks. Visit the Volunteer section of the Museum’s website to find out more.

Can I intern at the museum?

Students who are interested in an internship in any section of the museum should send a note to the department head and/or Human Resources the semester prior to their internship. If the museum has paid internships available, those internships will be posted on our Careers page.

Help with Family Heirlooms

Q. How do I identify what I have?
A. You can send an inquiry to collections@musnaz.org.

Q. How do I determine the monetary value of an object?
A. MNA staff members do not authenticate, appraise, or otherwise evaluate any object for insurance, donation, commercial, or for other purposes. To locate an appraiser, visit the websites for the following appraisal organizations: the Appraisers Association of America, the American Society of Appraisers, or the International Society of Appraisers. For more information, visit our Appraisal Resources page.

Q. How do I care for my collections?
A. Please visit MNA’s Caring for Collections page to learn more about issues concerning the care of your own collections. You can also visit the website for the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).

Q. Where can I find expertise to repair a damaged or broken object?
A. You can search for a conservator in your area on the website for the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).

Q. I have an object that would be of interest to the museum, does the museum buy items from collectors?
A. The museum is not currently purchasing items for its collections.

Q. How do I donate an item to the museum’s collections?
A. Please contact our Development office at 928-774-5211, ext. 227 or via email.

Q. Can I buy an item from the museum?
A. No. The Museum of Northern Arizona does not sell items from its permanent collections. If you would like to purchase authentic Native American art or jewelry, please visit the MNA Shops.

Collections Info

How do I obtain access to view or study the collections?

Complete a Request for Collections Access form.

Do you offer tours of the collections?

See the Behind-the-Scenes Tour information page.

What are the library hours?

The library is currently not open to the public.  Please visit the Library’s webpage for additional information.

Where can I find MNA’s collections management policies, procedures and forms?

A. Please visit the Collections  page.

How can I request permission to use photographs and documents in publications?

A. Complete a Permission to Use form and submit this to mlawton@musnaz.org.

Research Info

How do I report a finding?

You can send an inquiry to one of our curators, listed below. If you are unsure of which department fits best with the object that you have, please contact MNA’s Collections Director, Anthony Thibodeau.

Dave Gillette—Geology and Paleontology

Kelley Hays-Gilpin—Anthropology and Archaeology

Alan Petersen—Fine Art

Larry Stevens—Biology

How do I apply for a research associate position?

Visit our Research Associate page to learn more about the RA program and application process.

Archives Info

What is an archive?

An archive collects and preserves records that contain information of enduring value.

Where are the Archives?

The archive is held within the Easton Collections Center (ECC), which is located at 3101 N. Fort Valley Road in Flagstaff, Arizona. You can find it on the maps on the Campus page.

Why aren’t the Archives available online?

Materials within the Archives are subject to copyright, so before any material is provided to the public online we need to determine it won’t be violating the intellectual rights of others. Also, many of our holdings have restrictions placed on them at the request of Native American governments and agencies. Respecting the beliefs, practices, and requests of Native American tribes and governments is of deeply important to MNA.  We have partnered with the Arizona Memory Project and Arizona Archives Online in order to provide online access to some materials from the archives.

When can I visit the Archives?

The Archives are open by appointment only. Contact the Archivist to make an appointment to view the collections.

What should I bring to my research appointment?

Bring your research notes, pencils, and paper. Pens are prohibited around archival material. The work areas can be cool, so wear some warm layers. Cell phones and photography equipment may be permitted for research copies. Photocopies and scans are available for a fee, which can be paid with cash or check.

What is a finding aid?

A finding aid is a document that serves as a Table of Contents or an inventory for a collection and helps with the identification and location of materials. A good finding aid will provide as much information as browsing a library shelf without all the effort of pulling down every box and looking in it.

Do Archives materials fall under the Fair Use Doctrine?

The Fair Use Doctrine (Section 107) allows people acting in good faith to reproduce copyrighted work for research, teaching, presentation, and other similar purposes. If you have questions about whether your intended use falls under the Fair Use doctrine please consult a staff member.

Are there special procedures for handling archival material?

You may be asked to wear nitrile gloves when handling material from the Archives. If you are sensitive to nitrile gloves, please bring cotton gloves.

Is there a fee to reproduce or publish materials?

Fees are assessed for duplication and use outside of research. The fees help pay for the  care of Archives materials and to provide for greater access. To request permission to use or publish materials, please fill out the Permission to Use form.