Our Team


Mary Kershaw, Executive Director

Jill Thomas, Director of Administration

Lynn Yeager, Director of Finance

Tory Foster, Director of Development

Suzanne Shenton, Director of Visitor Services

Andy Bryan, Director of Facilities

Kristan Hutchison, Director of Marketing & Public Affairs

Kimberly Spurr, Archaeology Division Director

Elaine Hughes, Director of Collections


Kirk Anderson, Geoarchaeologist

Nic Beckett, Membership Manager

Sat Best, Facilities

Sue Brannan, Bookkeeper

Jeff Burns, Project Director and Supervisory Archaeologist

Jan Busco, Horticulturist

Jim Collette, Archaeologist

Kate Compton-Gore, Bioarchaeologist

Cynthia De Angelis, Museum Shop Manager

Darvin Descheny, Interim Public Programs Manager

Rachel Eubanks-Rhoades, Tours, Events & Rentals

Janet Hagopian, Archaeologist and Ceramic Analysis

Kelley Hays-Gilpin, Curator of Anthropology

Andrea Hazelton, SSI Project Manager

Kalin Honanie, Visitor Experience Associate

Samantha Honanie, Bookstore & Publications Manager

Amy Horn, Supervisory Archaeologist

Gwenn Gallenstein, NPS FLAG Museum Curator

Jeff Jenness, GIS Analyst and Spatial Ecologist

Garold Johnson, Visitor Experience Associate

Don Keller , Archaeologist

Amber King, Registrar

Bryce Kozlowski, Staff Accountant

Brian Kranzler, Archaeology Lab Director

Melissa Lawton, Archivist

Jeri Ledbetter, Springs Stewardship Institute Program Manager

Seth McKee, Facilities Technician

Maxwell Miller,

Kate Pasch, Development Associate

Alan Petersen, Fine Arts Curator

Lindsey Poore, Spring Stewardship Institute Data Technician

David Purcell, Supervisory Archaeologist and Historian

Mari Soliday, Volunteer and Tour Coordinator

Larry Stevens, Curator of Ecology

Josh Terronez, Exhibitions Manager

Anthony Thibodeau, Anthropology Collections Manager

Signe Valentinsson, Anthropology Collections Assistant

Miranda Warburton, Archaeologist