Historic Reference Collection

These collections consist of materials that were donated but are not primary source materials i.e. photocopies of research materials from another archival repository. They have been separated into their own grouping because MNA does not have the right to either grant access or permission to use these materials, although we can provide access for research purposes. Researchers are strongly encouraged to contact the repositories holding the original materials for any formal permissions. 

Restricted collections are marked noting the type of restriction and the agency to contact for permission to view the materials. 

Links to finding aid have been provided where possible, but not all materials in the Historic Reference Collection currently have a finding aid. 

Historic Reference Collection

MS-002 Madison Loring (1961-1962) 

Typescripts of biographies, obituaries, pioneer stories, etc. Most pertain to Prescott, AZ with some mention of Phoenix.

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MS-012 Arizona Constitutional Convention (1910)

Reproduction in halftone of photograph of members of the Arizona Constitutional Convention, Phoenix, AZ. October 10 thru December 9, 1910

MS-014 Phillip Johnston (1953)

Issues of “A Neglected People,” a newsletter edited by W. R. Johnston, a missionary at the Tolchaco Mission on the Navajo Reservation.

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MS-017 Byron Cummings (1963-1967)

Transcripts of field notes and manuscripts related to Tsegi Canyon and Monument Valley region, as well as to the Betatakin, San Juan region. There is also reference to field notes and draft report related to Turkey Hill Pueblo. The draft report also contains a section on Mesa Pueblo culture written by Clara Lee Frapps Tanner.

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MS-019 Amos Adams

Transcript of the diary of Amos D. Adams (born Cedar Falls, Iowa) which described his journey from Newtonia, Missouri to Prescott in the Arizona Territory, 26 May 1875 to 11 August 1975. Transcription was made by Roxina Philippi in 1961. The original diary was retained by descendants in the Santa Barbara, CA area. Portions covering Arizona were published in volume 37, number 1 of the Plateau magazine.

MS-028 W.H. Jackson (1963)

Photographic prints of Mesa Verde, circa 1874, by W. H. Jackson. These prints are related to the Hayden Survey. Collection was originally cataloged under the name of the donor, Fred Black, but was updated to reflect the origin of the materials. Please note that Jackson’s photographs are held in numerous repositories and are in the public domain. Please check out the William Henry Jackson Collection at Scotts Bluff National Monument for online images and links to additional repositories.

MS-037 H. P. Mera (1964)

Typescript of the publication “Spanish-American Blanketry: Its relationship to aboriginal weaving in the Southwest” by H. P. Mera. Collection was originally cataloged under the title Carole Potter Collection but has been updated to reflect the actual origin of the typescript. This typescript may not be reproduced in part or whole without permission from the Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe, NM. The book was published by the School of American Research Press in 1987.

MS-038 David DeHarport (1963)

Photocopy of “Index to data on map, Navajo plaintiff’s exhibit 898, showing locations of Navajo derived from clinical records, vital statistics records, and Indian Scout pension records” which cites materials from 1848 – 1868. Discusses locations and overlaps between Navajos, Hopis, Chiricahua Apaches, Western Apaches, as well as church records showing baptisms, burials, and marriages from Socorro, Belen, Laguna, and Acoma. Accessions records indicate that the materials may not be copied or quoted until all of the land claims have received a legal verdict.

MS-042 Roger Kelly (1964, 1966)

The collection contains a menu from Bright Angel Lodge at the Grand Canyon, a 1966 Navajo political poster, 2 letters from Earle Forrest regarding the history of Fort Moroni, and prints related to Fort Moroni (c. 1907), construction of the Santa Fe railroad, a photo of an Arizona Cattle Company poster.

MS-043 Polyhongeva (1964)

Photocopy of Moqui land allotment to Polyhongeva or Polehoneva by the U. S. Government, 23 May 1904. Original was loaned to the Museum of Northern Arizona in 1964 by Laura Tangakmoisi (nee Cooyama), the daughter of Polyhongeva and Bessie Saknoisi.

MS-045 William Longacre (1964)

Manuscript copy of Chicago Natural History Museum Surface Investigations of a Pre-ceramic site (LS-187), East Central Arizona by William A. Longacre.

MS-046 James Simmons (1964)

Several manuscripts written by Simmons regarding archaeological sites in the Mt. Floyd and Prescott areas. Del Rio argillite mines and ornaments, Survey of the round Mt. – Mt. Floyd sector, Archaeological survey, The black on grey culture of western Yavapai County, Big Chino Pueblo (King Ruin) NA1587, pit house #3, Big Chino Pueblo, brush kitchen, NA1587, Burial records from King’s Ruin (Group 2), King Brothers Home Ranch and Frog Burial, Fitzmaurice Ruin, Lynx Creek summary, Fields Survey information for the Smoki Museum, correspondence and guides to the site areas, and an inventory of the J. W. Simmons manuscripts and correspondence held by the Arizona State Museum Archives in Tucson. See also the listing for MS-006 concerning the excavation of a site in Lower Walnut Canyon.

MS-047 Christian Christensen (1964)

Photocopy of Christensen’s diary which relates the history of early Mormon settlement in Tuba City, as well as information about the Hopi and Navajo in the region. The original diary is held by Brigham Young University. Copies and permission to publish should be requested from Brigham Young University.

MS-050 H. R. Voth (1964, 1965)

Prints in this collection were made from negatives held by the Mennonite Library and Archives at Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas. Permission to use materials from this collection must be obtained from Bethel College not the Museum of Northern Arizona. The prints of Voth’s photographs taken among the Hopi while a missionary with the General Conference Mennonite Church are for reference use only.

MS-061 Rainbow Bridge / Monument Valley Expedition Reference Collection (1956-1957)

Copies of site cards borrowed from UCLA. Also contains photos and map tracings. In addition, there are notes made by Ben Wetherill on potsherds located at Rainbow Bridge – Monument Valley excavation sites.

MS-075 Oswald Werner (1967)

An “Anatomical atlas of the Navajo,” 1965

MS-076 John H. Bowman (1967)

Photocopy of 1886 letter from J. H. Bauman of Fort Defiance giving measurements of 10 Navajo men for police uniforms.

MS-081 Stewart Culin (1967)

Notes extracted from Stewart Culin’s journals held by the Brooklyn Museum and materials collected by him, 1901 – 1908.

MS-082 William O'Brien (1967)

A color photo of Cow Springs Trading Post(1950s) – painting by Brownell McGrew.

MS-084 Gilbert Maxwell (1967)

Photo of Massacre Cave Blanket.

MS-088 Michael Everett (1967)


Mormon Missionary Navajo Language study plan. The accession folder indicates that this is a restricted collection but does not indicate the nature of the restriction.

MS-094 Charles Bernheimer (1967)


Correspondence related to the publication of Bernheimer’s diaries. The diaries discuss the Bernheimer Expedtions of 1922 – 1930; there are 7 bound volumes in the rare book vault under call number 917.8 and in the Separates collection under 10,499 and 10,366. The accession folder indicates that the collection is restricted but does not indicate the nature of the restriction.

MS-096 Kolb Brothers (1967)

An advertisement for the Kolb Brothers Studio, Grand Canyon, 1923.

MS-097 McLoyd & Graham (1967)

Photocopy of “Catalogue of Ancient Aztec Relics from the Mancos Canyon, La Plata County, South-Western Colorado, 1889” by McLoyd and Graham.

MS-101 Phillip Johnston (1967) 

Biographical information on Philip Johnston as well as photographs related to his father’s (W. R. Johnston) missions at Moenkopi in 1896 and Tolchaco from 1900 – 1918. In addition thiere is a copy of the court record for the trial of Hosteen Boagetin(Begwo-ettin) for murder in 1900. The index provided for the collection has not been checked for accuracy.

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MS-104 Esther Sandstrom (1967)


Due to cultural sensitivities, these images have been restricted pending review by the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office. Postcards purchased from the Lorenzo Hubbell Trading Post documenting the Snake Dance at Hotevilla and another image showing Canyon de Chelly, circa 1928.

MS-106 Miscellaneous Photos (n.d.)

This is an artificial collection created by Museum staff of photos donated to the Museum. The topics in this collection cover, Flagstaff, Native cultures, archaeology, southwestern locations, trading posts, and individuals important to the Museum’s history.

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MS-107 Corrigan (1967)

Photographs of Hopi, circa 1910 – 1920.

MS-111 Walcott (1967)


Due to cultural sensitivities, this collection is not available for research. This collection contains copies made of manuscripts from the Mrs. Charles D. Walcott Collection held at the Smithsonian’s National Anthropological Archives. Researchers should contact the National Anthropological Archives. The NAA accession number is NAA MS 138,501.

MS-112 Berard Haile, Father, (1967)


These materials are culturally sensitive due to the descriptions of sandpaintings and ceremonies contained in the texts. The collection consists of photocopies made in 1967 of the Father Berard Haile manuscripts in the University of Arizona Library, Special Collections.

MS-113 Sallie Pierce-Harris (1967)

Copy of Sallie Harris’ diary given by her to MNA with another copy going to the SWAC Library. The diary documents her life at Wupatki from 11 August 1934 to 15 May 1935. It discusses excavations and Navajo life in the 1930s, and documents the Pesklakai family of Wupatki Basin.

MS-114 Camp Willow Grove (1967)

Historical data on Camp Willow Grove assembled by S. Alan Skinner in connection with his excavation of the area. The field notes of the excavation are in the site files for NA9111.

MS-115 Neil Judd (1967)

Photos related to the excavation and restoration of Betatakin in 1917 and of Clay Hills in 1923. There is also a list of negatives presented to the Smithsonian Institution for the National Anthropological Archives. The accession file indicates that the photos provided of Betatakin are duplicates of those donated to the Smithsonian’s National Anthropological Archives. The file also indicates that the images of the Clay Hills country belong to the National Geographic Society and were used in volume 45, number 3, pages 275 – 302 of the magazine. Copies were given to MNA in 1967.

MS-119 Saint Michaels Mission (1967-1968)

Photographic prints and baptismal records related to St. Michael’s Navajo community. Copies were made by Paul Long circa 1967 of Father Simeon Schwemberger’s photos and records from 1900 – 1910.

MS-124 Peyote Trial (1968)

Reporters’ transcript of proceedings of State of Arizona vs. Mary Attakai, 1960, Coconino County Superior Court.

MS-128 Black Mesa Coal Project (1968)

Coal mining lease contracts, drilling and exploration permits, assignment of mining leases. Organizations involved include the Navajo Nation, Peabody Coal Company, Sentry Royalty Company, and the U. S. Secretary of the Interior. Date range is from 1964 to 1968.

MS-130 William Johnston (1968)

Letters written by Johnston to the The Indian’s Friend between 1903 and 1918.

MS-134 Hopi Spring Placer Clain (1968)

Photocopy of a 1929 mining claim related to Hopi Sipapu Spring in Little Colorado Canyon.

MS-135 Hopi Superintendants Reports, 1910-1923 (1968)

Photocopies of narrative reports given by Hopi Indian agents between 1910 and 1923. Photocopies purchased by MNA in 1967 can be found in the attached pdf file. The originals are held by the National Archives Records Administration in Record Group 75. Please review the NARA webpage for Navigating Record Group 75 Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Records.

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MS-136 Phillip Johnston (1968)

Photocopies of papers and photos related to Johnston’s work with the Navajo Code Project (Navajo Codetalkers) in the Marine Corps during World War II. Originals are held by the Navajo Nation Museum.

MS-141 Velma Hoffman (1969)

A collection of Flagstaff legends.

MS-145 Whorf (1969)

Photocopies of Benjamin L. Whorf’s work on a Hopi dictionary.

MS-148 Hopi Agency Correspondence, 1880-1893 (1970)

Correspondence related to Hopi land issues from 1880 – 1893. Materials appear to be photocopies of official correspondence and are likely part of NARA’s Record Group 75.

MS-149 H. R. Voth (1970)

Photocopies of manuscripts from the Voth collection at Bethel College, Newton, KS. Please contact the Mennonite Library and Archives at Bethel College.

MS-152 Wetherill (1970)

Photocopies of two guest registers for the Wetherill and Colville Guest Ranch in Kayenta. Accession records indicate that the original owners had the registers microfilmed by the Huntington Library in Pasadena, CA. Additional notes mention additional Wetherill family material being located within collections at the Arizona State Museum as well as within the Otis “Dock” Marston collection at the Huntington Library (if link does not work, go to the Online California Archive and search for Marston).

MS-153 Wahleah Lujan (1970)


Copy of a 1967 letter written by Lujan, of Taos, New Mexico, while in Germany during her reign as Miss Indian America. This letter has a publication restriction placed on it and can only be used for research.

MS-155 Peter Huntoon (1970)

Photographs of $10 note ledger of the First National Bank of Flagstaff and a Plateau article (44:1, Summer 1971) by Peter Huntoon.

MS-156 Randolph Jenks (1970)

Photocopy of A Distributional List of the Birds of East Central Arizona. The original manuscript is held by the Arizona State Museum.

MS-157 Matthew Murphy (1970)

Copies of three letters from Mathew M. Murphy, a trader and Navajo agent, to T. A. Riordan.

MS-160 J. J. Brody (1971)


Collection was marked as restricted but no notes are available as to what or why. Documents consist of “Comments on J. J. Brody Paper: ‘Modern American Indian Painting and the Collection of the Museum of Northern Arizona'” and notes on the study “Modern American Indian Painting and the Collections of the Museum of Northern Arizona” by J. J. Brody. Also included are photographs of Apache individuals.

MS-161 David Bailey (1971)

Photocopy of galley proof for Phytogeography and taxonomy of Pinues, Subsection Balfourianae. The article was published in Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, 57:2, 1970 which is available on the Biodiversity Heritage Library website.

MS-171 Berard Haile, Father, (1971)

Photocopies of myths related to three different ceremonies (Emergence Myth / Upward Reaching Rite, Feather Chant – female form, Male Bear Ceremony / Mountain Chant). The photocopies were made from original typescripts loaned by the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian (formerly the Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art). Researchers are encouraged to contact the Wheelwright Museum directly if interested in these ceremonies.

MS-174 Norman Nevills (1972)

Articles and biographical information on Norman Nevills. Included are two articles from Desert Magazine (November 1949 and October 1952 issues).

MS-176 Jeremiah Sullivan (1973)

This collection consists of copies from the Matilda Coxe Stevenson and Jeremiah Sullivan collections held at the Smithsonian’s National Anthropological Archives. Researchers should contact the National Anthropological Archives for access to these records.

MS-177 Ervin Thayer Drake (1972) 

Copy negatives of photographs taken by Ervin Thayer Drake and Mary Aiken Drake on two trips (1907 and 1909). Originals were loaned to MNA for copying in 1972. It is unknown whether the originals were donated to another archival repository or not.

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MS-179 Byron Cummings (1972)

Photocopy of an unpublished manuscript detailing Dr. Cummings activities in Arizona. Correspondence with the donor indicates that the manuscript was begun by Cummings prior to his death and finished by his second wife, Jeane Cummings, and his only child, Malcolm. In 1972, the original manuscript was held by Otis H. Chidester and was copied by Albert E. Ward for the Museum of Northern Arizona and the National Park Service. It is unknown if the original manuscript is still extant.

MS-180 Eusebio Kino (1973)

Copy of a baptismal record by Father Eusebio Kino.

MS-183 Sarah Jones Tucker (1973)

Copies of materials related to the work of Sarah Jones Tucker in regards to the Walapai Tribe versus Santa Fe Rail Road. Accession notes indicate that her papers were donated to a variety of institutions, including the National Anthropological Archives, the University of Chicago, and the Arizona State Museum.

MS-184 Matilda Coxe Stevenson (1973)

Photocopy of the article “Dress and Adornment of the Pueblo Indians.” Original typescript is held in the National Anthropological Archives within collection MS2093. Researchers are encouraged to contact the NAA for access to this material.

MS-185 Crystal Jahr (1973)

Copies of tapes recorded by Jahr of the Hualapai language when a student of linguist Werner Winter. The 4 tapes of the Hualapai language were made at Peach Springs in the summer of 1973. English translations were made of the tapes.