Exterior of the Easton Collection Center

Research Associates


Wesley Bernadini, migration, identity, and landscape in the pre-contact American Southwest

Evelyn Billo, rock art documentation using high-tech photography (drones, virtual reality, 3-D modeling)

Chrissina Burke, zooarchaeology

Richard Ciolek-Torellome, Mogollon pit house villages on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation

Chris Downum, ethnicity and conflict, the chronology of ancient southwestern ceramics, and the role of archaeology in public policy

Dennis Gilpin, architecture of Awatovi Pueblo anthropology, archaeology and history of the Four Corners region

Atsunori Ito, indigenous intellectual property issues among Hopi; Hopi silver jewelry

Don Keller, prehistoric settlement patterns and mapping sites including Grand Canyon, Walnut Canyon, Wupatki, Ridge Ruin, and Juniper Terrace

Robert Mark, rock art documentation using high-tech photography (drones, virtual reality, 3-D modeling)

Leigh Marymor, bibliographic database of the world's rock art literature

Jennifer McLerran, Native American art history

John Meredith, rock art of the Southwest and its relationship to Native cultures today

Trevor Reed, indigenous intellectual property rights and music repatriation


Gary Alpert, southwestern ants and invertebrate ecology

Steven Carothers, Grand Canyon and southwestern ecology and management

William Cordasco, southwestern rangeland ecology and sustainability

Gloria Hardwick, aquatic ecology of the Southwest

Roy Johnson, riparian ecosystem ecology; anthropogenic impacts on southwestern birds

Barbara Phillips, ecology and taxonomy of threatened, endangered, and invasive plants

Peter Price, evolutionary ecology of gall-inducing sawflies

Thomas Whitham, cottonwood ecology and genetics


Robert Brakenridge,

George Davis, tectonics of the Basin & Range and Colorado Plateau

Ivo Lucchitta, ancient lavas and Quaternary deposits within the Grand Canyon

Adam Marsh, Petrified Forest paleontology; fossil record of the end-Triassic mass extinction

Rebecca McKean, preservation of marine vertebrates from the late Cretaceous

Ralph Molnar, large-scale evolutionary processes

William Parker, the evolution of early Mesozoic terrestrial ecosystems

Frederick Sundberg, trilobites, erosion rates resulting from forest fires and logging

Donna Weistrop, the impact of galaxy interactions on star formation and galaxy evolution

Mike Woodburne, geological history of the Colorado Plateau