An event for research associates

Qualifications and application instructions:

Researchers actively pursuing projects that clearly support the museum’s mission may apply to become MNA Research Associates by submitting a letter the MNA Executive Director.

To become a Research Associate, applicants must:

  • demonstrate appropriate research standing, as described in a resume, curriculum vita, or letter(s) of reference or application.
  • provide a statement of the proposed research activity, including:
    • background and summary of the research topic
    • significance of the research to MNA and/or to the relevant discipline(s)
    • planned schedule for the research
    • any MNA staff collaboration or involvement
    • how the research will be funded
    • requested access to MNA collections, records, or library
    • requested support services, space, equipment, or supplies
    • anticipated research results and their value to MNA
    • any special circumstances, including any benefits to, obligations of, or special expectations of either MNA or the RA
    • any anticipated royalty, patent, copyright, or intellectual property rights issues
    • copies of any required permits, institutional review documents, or formal permission required for the research letters of reference or support, as appropriate.
  • accept responsibility for appropriately representing MNA to its various constituencies, and to the public
  • comply with all relevant MNA policies and procedures, including the MNA Code of Ethics, and with all relevant professional research and ethical standards
  • conduct research only under the terms of all relevant MNA, tribal, and agency permits, legal statutes, and regulations
  • notify the MNA Director and the directing Curator of any significant changes in the progress of the research
  • appropriately recognize MNA’s contribution in any/all research results, and provide copies of such results to MNA
  • maintain a current MNA membership