70th Annual Navajo Festival of Arts & Culture

August 3 & 4, 2019
Buy traditional and contemporary art and enjoy artist demonstrations, authentic food, musical performances, insightful heritage programs, and the pageantry of hoop and social dances.

2019 Festival Information

Member Preview: Friday, August 2, 2019, 6-8 pm
Festival: Saturday & Sunday, August 3 & 4, 2019, 9 am-5 pm

Spend your weekend in the cool pines and immerse yourself in the artistry and cultural traditions of more than 80 award-winning Navajo artists. Buy traditional and contemporary art and enjoy artist demonstrations, authentic food, insightful heritage programs, and a variety of Navajo performances.

Weekend Pass: $18 adult, $12 youth/student/American Indian
Daily Admission: $12 adult; $8 youth (10-17), student (w/ ID) & American Indian (w/ tribal card)
Free for Museum members & children under 10

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Saturday 9:15 am Opening Ceremony

Saturday & Sunday on the Mainstage

  • 10:00 am Benally Family Dancers
  • 11:00 am Natural Dyes with Roy Kady
  • 12:30 pm JJ Ortero
  • 1:30 pm Poetry of Remembrance with Lara Tohe & Deswood Tillman
  • 2:30 pm Radmilla Cody
  • 3:30 pm JJ Otero
  • 4:15 pm Benally Family Dancers

Saturday & Sunday in the Courtyard

  • 11:30 am Benally Family Dancers

Saturday & Sunday in the Kids Discovery Room

  • Crafts ALL DAY
  • 10:45 am & 1:15 pm Puppet Show: A Goat in the Rug

Saturday & Sunday Museum Wide

Easton Collection Center

  • 11:45 am-12:00 pm Navajo Weavings: Then & Now with Jennifer McLerran
  • 12:00 pm - 2:00pm Open House

Colton Community Garden

  • 12:00 am - 3:00 pm Garden Demo Talk: Natural Dyes

Food Vendor

  • Sunny Concessions & Archuleta's Ice Cream

Sunday 4:45 pm Closing Ceremony 


Navajo Festival Heritage Insights programming will include: 

Steve Darden: Navajo Festival Emcee
Navajo historian and artist Steve Darden will serve as the cultural interpreter for the Heritage Insights program tent. By sharing his knowledge, interpreting activities and presentations, and answering visitor questions, he will foster communication and a deeper understanding of Navajo art, history, music, culture, language, and identity.  

Traditional Dance with the Jones Benally Family 

Navajo Elder Jones Benally is a world-renowned, award-winning hoop dancer and singer. Along with his family, Benally will share the history and meaning behind various ceremonial and social dances and foster understanding for the importance of family and the passing down of cultural traditions. 

Poetry of Remembrance with Laura Tohe 

Award winning author and Navajo Nation Poet Laureate, Laura Tohe will share some of her poetry and discuss the importance of language, oral histories, and the preservation of cultural traditions. Through music and the spoken word, Tohe will foster understanding for the importance of oral storytelling customs and the vitality of these traditions to future generations. 

Navajo Weavings: Then and Now with Dr. Jennifer McLerran 

Author and assistant professor of Art History at NAU, Dr. Jennifer McLerran will describe the history of MNA’s Navajo Festival of Arts & Culture and the influence this market and others like it have had on Navajo weavings. 

Participating Artists

alphabetical by last name; underline indicates demonstrator

Al Bahe, fine art (BG)

Abraham Begay, jewelry (BH)

Benny Begay, jewelry (BH)

Evelyn Begay, fashion (GG)

Leroy Begay, jewelry (BH)

Nathan S. Begay, fine art (BH)

Nelson Begay, jewelry (GG)

Sylvia Begaye, fashion (BH)

Vernon Begaye, jewelry (BH)

Jones Benally, performers (MST)

Eunice Bennett, jewelry (GG)

Beverly Blacksheep, fine art (JMG)

Milford Calamity, jewelry (AG)

Rafina Canyon, jewelry (BG)

Albert Chase, textiles (BH)

James Chee, fine art (JMG)

Radmila Cody, performer (BH)

Juan Curley, weaving (BG)

Polly Curley, weaving (BG)

Steve Darden, folk art (BH)

Jeff DeMent, jewelry  (BG)

Darvin Descheny, fine art (AG)

Vivian Descheny, weaving (GG)

Dine College Navajo Cultural Arts, mixed (LG)

Jimmie Harrison, jewelry (BH)

Henry Jackson, jewelry (BH)

Marietta Jackson, jewelry (BH)

Brent Jenson, fine art (patio)

Amelia Joe-Chandler, jewelry (BH)

David K. John, fine art(patio)

Roy Kady, weaving (BH)

Julius Keyonnie, fine art (BH)

Christof Keyonnie,   (BH)

Georgia Kieyoomia, jewelry (JMG)

Mona Laughing, weaving (BH)

Kim Lohnes, beadwork (BH)

Kelvin Long, coffee (patio)

Andy Marion, jewelry (BG)

Alvin Marshall, fine art (BG)

Reggie Mitchell, jewelry (BG)

Toney Mitchell, jewelry (JMG)

Charles Morris, jewelry (JMG)

Justin Morris, jewelry (JMG)

Lusky Morris, jewelry (JMG)

Keturah Morris, jewelry (JMG)

Ned & Genevieve Hatahlie Nez, jewelry (JMG)

Sidney Nez Jr., jewelry (JMG)

Virgil Nez, fine art (JMG)

Sage Nuñez, jewelry (BH)

Cameron Olivas, toys (JMG)

Laura Shurley Olivas, fashion (JMG)

JJ Ortero, performer (MST)

Rahmah Weavers Association, weaving (GG)

Darby Raymond-Overstreet, digital (BH)

Gil Scott, fine art (LG)

Michelle Silver, fashion (BH)

Mark Silversmith, fine art (BH)

Jeremy Singer, fine art (BH)

Keith Wilford Smith Jr, fine art (JMG)

Peggy Stallings, jewelry (GG)

Priscilla Tacheney, photography (BG)

Eugene Tapahe, photography (BH)

Mary Taylor, (LG)

Marcella Teller, jewelry (JMG)

Michelle Tsosie Sisneros, fine art (BH)

Tracy Tohonnie, fine art (JMG)

Mary Tom, jewelry (BH)

Daniel Weahkee, carving (BG)

Sharon Weahkee, jewelry (BG)

Aaron & Lathanial White, flutes (GG)

Baje Whitethorne Sr, fine art (JMG)

Elizabeth Whitethorne-Benally, fine art (JMG)

Randall Wilson, fine art (JMG)

Kyle Yazzie, fine art (JMG)

Jared Yazzie, fashion (LG)

Johnson Yazzie, fine artist (BH)

Jerilynn Yazzie, fine art (JMG)


Location key:

GG = Geology Gallery

JMG = Jamie Major Golightly Courtyard

BG = Babbitt Gallery

BH = Branigar Hall

LG = Lockett Gallery

MST = Mainstage Tent