Exterior of the Easton Collection Center


Jeri Ledbetter, Springs Stewardship Institute Program Coordinator

Ms. Ledbetter received a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems from Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Prescott College. She is a GIS analyst with extensive experience in relational database design for scientific field work, proj­ect and natural resource management, and community outreach. She has extensive experience con­ducting research in remote locations and under harsh environments and is skilled in digital cartography, biology, geography, geology, and water resource management. Ms. Ledbetter also has experience with graphic design and typography, digital imaging, video produc­tion, writing and editing for publication, outdoor education, and community outreach. Prior to becoming a GIS and database guru, Jeri was a Grand Canyon dory boat river guide and the past president of the Grand Canyon River Guides. She also received accolades for her documentary, “Hanging with the Sloths”.

Spring Stewardship Institute