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Michael Billie

Michael Billie (Diné – Navajo)

Michael Billie is a Dinè (Navajo) artist from Farmington, NM. Michael has been working in encaustic for a decade, a medium that involves melting wax and inlaying it within a piece of artwork. Michael also incorporates sand painting sand, beads and horse hairs into his work, materials that are typically used in ceremonies and other traditional events. In his work, Michael also features bundles, which he explains:

“The idea to include bundles in my work came when a friend told me about an old story between the Navajos and the Hopi that involved two sacred bundles. The Navajos had given two sacred bundles to the Hopi in exchange for helping in obtaining freedom from being imprisoned at Fort Sumner. According to the story the two bundles are still around and kept in two Hopi family homes. As part of the ritual, I bless each piece so it protects its new home.”

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