Winter Market


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Winter Art Market


Come admire, browse, and bring home some of the diverse arts created on the Colorado Plateau, from traditional weavings to contemporary paintings, as well as unique cards and gifts.

Free Admission for Market

Past Participating Artists 2019

(alphabetical by last name)
*Demonstrating Artist

Dorothy Ami (Hopi / Tewa), Pottery

Emerson Ami (Hopi / Tewa), Pottery

Loren Aragon (Acoma), ACONAV / Fashion

Abraham Begay (Diné Navajo), Jewelry

Paula Begay (Diné Navajo), Jewelry

Vincent Davis (Hopi), Engraved Glass

Marvene Dawahoya (Hopi), Basket Weavings

Nuvadi Dawahoya (Hopi), Wood Carvings

Darvin Descheny (Diné Navajo), Fine Art

*Vivian Descheny (Diné Navajo), Weavings

Wally Grover (Hopi), Wood Carvings

Jonah Hill (Quechan / Hopi), Jewelry / Printmaking

Jennifer Joseph (Hopi), Fashion / Fine Art

Ed Kabotie (Hopi-Tewa), Mixed Media

Bob Lansing (Diné Navajo), Pottery

Elizabeth Manygoats (Diné Navajo), Folk Art

Valerie Namoki (Hopi), Pottery

Abel Nash (Hopi), Fine Art

Elroy Natachu Jr. (Zuni), Fine Art

Kandis Quam (Zuni), Fine Art

Florence Riggs  (Diné Navajo), Weavings

Gilmore Scott (Diné Navajo), Fine Art

Gwen Setalla (Hopi), Pottery / Jewelry

Rosabelle Teesyatoh Shepherd (Diné Navajo), Jewelry

Jerrel Singer (Diné Navajo), Fine Art

Lucille Glendebah Smith (Diné Navajo) Weaving

Ryan Smith (Diné Navajo) Weaving

*Baje Whitethorne Sr. (Diné Navajo), Fine Art

Elizabeth Whitethorne-Benally (Diné Navajo), Fine Art

Jerilyn Yazzie (Diné Navajo), Jewelry

*Kyle Yazzie (Diné Navajo), Fine Art

Participating Organizations

Colton Community Garden

Hopi Radio