Museum of Northern Arizona exterior


Lorie Cavalli

My love and appreciation for nature began as a child in Northern California when I would explore the stream behind my house, skip rocks on the San Pablo Bay, pick wildflowers on the hillsides, make potions out of leaves, send paper boats down the Truckee River and watch seagulls fly over the Pacific. I have lived in places such as the Sonoran Desert and Iowa prairie, hiking the rugged mountains, the lush loess hills and walking along the great Missouri river. Now in Flagstaff, my family and I tend to our mountain meadow home, conserving water and restoring the land.

I have grown an appreciation for the biodiversity of the Colorado Plateau and an understanding of our role and responsibility relating to land and water conservation. Environmental Education and stewardship programs such as the MNA Discovery Camp expand the knowledge of learners with outdoor and contextual learning experiences which strengthens their understanding of nature and our local environment. I am excited to partner with this great institution to facilitate riparian and forest ecology summer camps!