Gerald Lomaventema

Hailing from Second Mesa, AZ, Gerald Lomaventema began producing traditional Hopi overlay styles in 2002 after taking classes at the Hopi Silvercraft Co-op Guild. He refined his technique with such mentors as Roy Talahaheftewa, Phil Naavasya, Duane Maktima and Steve LaRance. Utilizing traditional Hopi silver-working methods such as tufa casting and overlay, Gerald began creating highly recognizable textured, contemporary jewelry including bolo ties, belts, and pins with 14k gold accents and inlays of coral, ironwood, turquoise, and other precious and semi-precious stones.

Currently Gerald still enters pieces in shows across the United States and travels the world abroad often demonstrating his craft and educating people on the beauty of Hopi jewelry and culture. Already an established multi-award winning artist Gerald recently added to his honors by winning the prestigious 2014 SWAIA Best of Division award for his concho belt entry.

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