Winter Market

2022 Winter Open House & Market

December 3rd & 4th, 2022 – Museum of Northern Arizona

Come admire, browse, and bring home some of the diverse arts created on the Colorado Plateau, from traditional weavings to contemporary paintings, as well as unique cards and gifts.

Members Preview – Saturday, December 3rd – 8:30am to 10am

Market Day One – Saturday, December 3rd – 10am to 4pm

Market Day Two – Sunday, December 4th – 10am to 4pm

Free Admission Weekend!

Participating Artists 2022

(alphabetical by last name)
*Demonstrating Artist

Cory Wayne Ahownewa (Hopi), Kachina dolls, Jewelry, Apparel

Dorothy Ami (Hopi), Pottery

Emerson Ami (Hopi), Pottery

Alfred Boyd (Diné), Stone Sculptures

Rena Charles (Diné), Jewelry, Beadwork

Thompson Chicharello (Diné) Jewelry, Textiles

Marvene Dawahoya (Hopi), Basketry

Nuvadi Dawahoya (Hopi), Wood Carvings

Richard Dawavendewa (Hopi), Fine Art, Hand-pulled Prints

* Vivian Descheny (Diné), Woven Textiles

Wally Grover (Hopi), Kachina Dolls / Sculptures / Ornaments

* Jonah Hill (Quechan / Hopi), Jewelry / Gourd Carvings

Akema Honyumptewa (Hopi), Fine Art / Woven Textiles / Prints

Marie Honyumptewa (Hopi), Beadwork / Woodwork / Textiles

Jennifer Joseph (Hopi), Textiles

Anderson Koinva (Hopi), Jewelry, Ornaments

Abel Nash (Hopi), Fine Art / Prints / Apparel

Emmett Navakuku (Hopi), Jewelry / Fine Arts

Florence Riggs (Diné), Textiles

Gwen Setalla (Hopi), Pottery / Beadwork

Michelle Silver (Diné), Pendelton Scarves & Jackets / Traditional Clothing

Duane Tawahongva (Hopi), Jewelry

Raymond Tenerio (Santo Domingo Pueblo), Jewelry

Janet Yazzie (Diné), Fine Art

Baje Whitethorne Sr. (Diné), Fine Art

Jonah Hill (Quechan / Hopi)

Marie Honyumptewa (Hopi)

Rena Charles (Diné)

Abel Nash (Hopi)

Dorothy Ami (Hopi)

Nuvadi Dawahoya (Hopi)