Winter Market

Painting by Corey Begay

2023 Winter Open House & Market

December 2nd & 3rd, 2023 – Museum of Northern Arizona

Native artists from the Colorado Plateau will be selling authentic artwork at this FREE admission weekend open house and market. Everything from fine art to prints to clay ornaments, jewelry, toys, apparel, and unique items that are perfect for gift-giving will be available. Come meet and get to know the talented artists whose work is so widely admired.

Take time to tour the museum during this free admission event where you will learn about the cultures of the Colorado Plateau Nations and enjoy a special exhibition of Tony Foster’s watercolors.

Members Preview – Saturday, December 2nd – 8:30am to 10am

Market Day One – Saturday, December 2nd – 10am to 5pm

Market Day Two – Sunday, December 3rd – 10am to 5pm

Free Admission Weekend!

Kids’ Activities:

10:00 – 4:00 (Saturday & Sunday)

Snow Making in the Living Room

Ornament Making in the Kiva Gallery

Story Time in the Discovery Room at 10:30 and 3:00

This free weekend at MNA is made possible by:

Participating Artists 2023

(Alphabetical by Last Name)
*Demonstrating Artist

Cory Wayne Ahownewa (Hopi), Kachina dolls, Jewelry, Apparel

Corey Begay (Diné) Fine Art

Crystal Begay (Diné) Jewelry, Apparel

Jayson Begay (Diné) Jewelry, Leatherwork

Sasha Begay (Diné) Diné-inspired Mugs and Thermoses

Doris Calabaza (Santo Domingo) Jewelry

Mary Calabaza (Santo Domingo), Heshi Jewelry

Rena Charles (Navajo) Beadwork, Jewelry

Makwesa Chimerica (Hopi) Kachina Dolls

Richard Dawavendewa (Hopi) Fine Art, Hand-pulled Prints

Sikuyva Dawavendewa (Hopi) Fine Art

Valarie Harris (Hopi) Apparel, Accessories

*Gregory Hill (Quechan/Hopi) Hand-carved Spin Tops, Toys

* Jonah Hill (Quechan/Hopi), Jewelry, Gourd Art, Prints

Quinn Honanie (Hopi) Fine Art, Prints, Cards

Akema Honyumptewa (Hopi) Fine Art, Woven Textiles, Prints

Marie Honyumptewa (Hopi) Jewelry, Beadwork, Textile Accessories

Burrell Jones (Diné) Jewelry

Judy Jones (Diné) Apparel

Jennifer Joseph (Hopi), Silkscreen Textiles

Yolanda La Mone (Diné) Clay Ornaments & Figurines

Gwen Setalla (Hopi) Pottery

Patrick Smith (Diné) Jewelry

Duane Tawahongva (Hopi) Overlay Jewelry

Ellouise Toya (Santo Domingo) Jewelry

Jimmy Yawakia (Zuni) Fetishes

Janet Yazzie (Diné) Fine Art

Cory Ahownewa (Hopi)

Corey Begay (Diné)

Crystal Begay (Diné)

Sasha Begay (Diné)

Doris Calabaza (Santo Domingo)

Makwesa Chimerica (Hopi)

Judy Jones (Diné)