Mountain Lines: Poetry and Art on the Move

May 2023-April 2024

“We do not believe that art is for the very few, somewhere far beyond the understanding of the majority; it is for every one of us.”
-Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton, 1934

The Mountain Lines: Poetry and Art on the Move project is another way to bring the arts to every one of us, particularly some of the cultural treasures of our region that the museum takes care of for the community. Short poems by local writers were matched with art from the MNA collections and designed in a format to fit on the buses in the area usually used for advertising.

These poems and art were placed on the buses in May 2023, in the run-up to the ARTx Festival, and will remain on the buses for a full year. Bus riders will thus become bus readers, and hopefully, make a point of taking the bus to the museum.

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